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A few words about us

Businesses like you suffer out there. Despite giving it your all, you're probably limited to outdated, WOM tactics and aren’t granted access to decent business services due to stigma. Frankly, that’s bullshit, and we want to help.

Who do we work with?

  • Sex workers and adult entertainers
  • Burlesque stars
  • Fetish clubs, venues and events
  • Tattoo, piercing and body-mod artists
  • Punk rock and alt venues
  • "Taboo" leisure of all kinds

We're in
your industry

Experience and exposure to client needs is at the forefront of our reason for being.

Industry immersion:We have adult industry professionals within our team, and more advising

Diverse:We are a varied team of local individuals with personal histories and interests

And we're damn good too.

Each member of Quaintrelle Digital has been selected for their creative talents & experience. You get the very best in digital marketing advice and custom solutions every time.

As well as top quality results, you get flexible and efficient workflows, all with the promise of strict confidentiality.


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